Hi, I'm Laura. I'm 29, single and just moved to Stockholm from the UK. I spend my days doing UX, marketing and other assorted web stuff. I like cooking, rollercoasters, dinosaurs, and pretty much anything organised nicely into colour order or a good list. I also run 1796 Foods where I am trying to eat all kinds of foods that I must 'try before I die'.

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I feel the need to listen to California Dreamin’ while drinking this coke



Jurassic World

holy shit.  i’m in love and can’t wait for this fucking movie now omg.

Parade dancer

Thousands of paraders and spectators. Such an amazing turnout. The parade went on for nearly 3 hours.

Rainbow pride parade umbrellas

Pride parade selfie! Waiting for the parade to start with @zachpieinglis

I’m on a plane


Do I have to leave the box?

(via biscuit-tornado)

I also had some cute walking buddies on the final stretch back to the office

The weather is far too nice to stay indoors so I took a long lunchtime walk around Skeppsholmen