Hi, I'm Laura. I'm 29, single and just moved to Stockholm from the UK. I spend my days doing UX, marketing and other assorted web stuff. I like cooking, rollercoasters, dinosaurs, and pretty much anything organised nicely into colour order or a good list. I also run 1796 Foods where I am trying to eat all kinds of foods that I must 'try before I die'.

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It seems Netflix are going to roll out a new logo

"Hey, lets get rid of our great brand-appropriate and instantly recognisable logo in favour of something really bland and generic. Oh, and let’s make the kerning really bad too"

No. Bad Netflix. 


Hi guys, I know it’s been a while, things have been a little complicated and stressful lately, and sadly it’s meant I haven’t had all that much time to devote to cooking and blogging.

Today I finally got the chance to have some time to get back into it and write up a few posts, and share some…

I saw this post before where someone commented that he looked like Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec and now I cannot unsee

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My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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"Hi" - Thanks for the effort dude, seriously, you must have spent so long putting thought into that

"How are you?" - See above

"How r u?" - I’m sorry, is this high school? Are you 14? Are you texting me on a Nokia 3310 and have to be careful of the character limit?

"Can we be friends?" - No, wait, is this primary school?

Whole message in another language - So right off the bat I know that you didn’t read one single word on my profile

"If your picture is really who you are I’d like to get to know you" - I’m just going to assume now that your picture is not who you really are

14 sentences on fate and destiny and how life is so much better when you can share it with those you love and how ‘shouldn’t we just give life a chance you know?’  - Stop

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Lion ice cream, which seemed to be chocolate with some cookie and caramel and coconut. So good!


God dammit!

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Mostly because by the time it was done it was like 2 hours late, partly because my oven is a piece of crap, and partly because a beer on the balcony just seemed more important than beginning to chop vegetables on time.

Anyway. I made roast chicken with a ton of trimmings, and it was really good, and I am now unnaturally excited for my leftover sandwich tomorrow. 12 hours just seems so long to wait.